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Aladdin 2014 Aladdin 2014 Aladdin 2014 Aladdin 2014 Aladdin 2014

Aladdin 2014

Sergeant Ping explains the law to the smallest citizen   See details

Aladdin 2014

Ding Dong isn't sure about Aladdin   See details

Aladdin 2014

Abanazer and Mumsie - the scary villains!   See details

Aladdin 2014

Group Hug!   See details

Aladdin 2014

Come Fly With Me!   See details

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Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett.

'Lawks! There be Witches Abroad! Well, not actually abroad, they don't like the food and the shamans take all the deck chairs'

Terry Practchett's classic satirical re-relling of Hamlet with a dash of MacBeth is coming to Riverside Players this May.